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How do you dream your spa? Here are a few ideas that will pamper and indulge:

Create a Spa Just For You

Whether you're converting an entire room into a spa center or carving out a small space for a personal spa retreat, you'll create a unique and very personal environment for relaxation and a spa experience to enjoy for years. Indulge your senses as you see fit - sight, sound, scent, taste, touch.

  • Sight - select subdued indirect light for your spa to reduce harshness, candles to set a relaxing mood.
  • Sound - select soft ambient natural sounds and delicate instrumental music that resonates with your soul.
  • Scent - select oils and bath salts that soothe your psyche, a seductive spiraling twist of exotic incense that beckons from a low teak side table.
  • Taste - pamper yourself with beverages of your choice, from a light green tea to a glass of delicate wine.
  • Touch - surround yourself with softness - a plush spa robe, opulent Egyptian cotton towels, thick fluffy rugs, soft corners.